Sunday, February 16, 2014

Howl's Random Plush

I'll admit, I've never seen Howl's Moving Castle. So, when someone messaged me to see if I could make a plush for them, I was a little curious. These are exactly the custom projects I love making. Someone is frustrated that their favorite show/movie/book/video game doesn't make a toy of their favorite character or item. I am more than willing to try my hand at making a special version for them. This one is for a significant other's surprise birthday present.

Now, if you have seen Howl's Moving Castle (or haven't), here is a screenshot of which plush she was talking about (courtesy of Google):
It's the pink and purple cow-looking thing on the bed.

It wasn't much to go by and that was the only shot I could really find. The hardest part is always coming up with the pattern. Once I've got that, it usually goes smoothly. I was a little disappointed when I couldn't find pink and purple striped fabric (you'd think someone would think it was a great idea given the Cheshire cat's fur is exactly the same), but I decided to simply make my own by using strips of purple and strips of pink sewn together.

Some progress shots:
And the finished product:

So what do you think? He's made with soft fleece and super cuddly!